Find My COVID Test


July 2020- Current


After my own possible exposure to COVID-19, I realized a problem in finding and registering for a COVID-19 test: it was difficult to find a testing center nearby that I qualified for.


Create a mobile application that allows users to find COVID-19 testing centers in their local area and be able to filter through the results based on their preferences.

Target Audience / Persona

Kelly is a 40 year old woman from San Francisco, California who works as a receptionist at an elementary school. Kelly does not have strong internet browsing knowledge and relies on her brother in Sacramento, California to surf the internet. Kelly also suffers from COPD, obesity, and does not have insurance. Kelly was recently in contact with someone who was confirmed with COVID-19 and must get tested. Kelly has a car, but is not too familiar driving outside of the city of San Francisco.


To learn more about other people’s experience registering for a COVID-19 testing center, I conducted an online research study surveying 39 past COVID-19 testing patients. From this survey, I found that on average it took users approximately 16 minutes to find a testing center and register for an appointment.

Additionally, the most difficult part of the process was finding the testing registration site, finding a nearby testing center, and needing a doctor’s referral.


After analyzing the feedback from the survey, I narrowed the project down to a mobile application that allowed them to:

  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Immediately display users the required criteria to receive testing.
  3. Show all testing centers in their local area

Mobile Prototype:

Through my first prototype, I had acknowledged all of the user’s highest requests, allowing them to schedule and register for a COVID-19 testing appointment within seconds. I created a simple and easy to use user interface that would satisfy my target audience.

Mobile Prototype

While this was good, I realized that if I published this prototype to the world, it wouldn’t actually benefit anyone or make a difference. I began to think of ways to develop this prototype into a real application. However, the only way to register a user to an appointment would require my application to have access to every COVID-19 testing center’s registration database. I knew this would be highly unlikely.

I scrapped the idea and went back to the first step, acknowledging the problem that: Finding a COVID-19 testing center that meets your preferences is difficult.

Desktop Iteration 1

Desktop Protoype 1

My solution to this problem was to make an interactive webpage that allowed users to filter testing centers and be able to view the results on a map.

Desktop Iteration 2

Desktop Protoype 2
Desktop Protoype 3 Filtered

To create a more straightforward and easy to navigate experience, I eliminated the list view. Additionally, to solve the problem of not being able to register patients directly, my solution was to have a button that would open the webpage for users to register for their COVID-19 test on a new page.

Desktop Iteration 3

Desktop Protoype 3
Desktop Protoype 3 Filtered

After compiling a list of testing centers in California, I omitted the filtering option of Appointment because every testing center required an appointment. Additionally, I added a search bar feature that allows users to help friends or family members find testing centers near them.

Final Product

Desktop Final

Finally, I created a logo and displayed it on the top left corner where it was most visible to users without distracting them of the product. Additionally, I decided to default to the classic Google Maps red marker color as it was a familiar icon that most users would recognize.



To acknowledge that Find My COVID Test was an interactive map based website for COVID-19, I created a unique logo that highlighted both components. Instantly, I knew that this would be the logo that I wanted to create for the site.


Over the course of 6 weeks, I designed and developed Find My COVID Test. Within the first week, I had over 10,000 views on social media and over 1,000 site views. I am incredibly proud that I was able to create this project.

Unfortunately, because I am finding all of the testing centers by hand and through, California’s public database, Find My COVID Test is only accessible in California.

Currently, I’m seeking health and COVID-19 testing organizations to partner to provide testing center information. If you would like to partner, please email me at:

If you would like to use Find My COVID Test for yourself, please visit:

Thank You

Thank you Aileen Yang, Blake Brown, Francis Kong, Hannah McKelson, Jeremy Chang-Yoo, Joli Chien, Kit Nga Chou, Linda Huang, Marcela San Juan, Thomas Pham, Thomas Hernandez, and many more for their feedback and support along the way.