Find My COVID Test Independent Study

Winter Quarter 2021, a 10 week continuation of building Find My COVID Test.

January 4, 2021- March 19, 2021

Week 1 | Creating a Plan

The first week of my independent study started off with excitement and worry. I was excited to have time to continue working on Find My COVID Test, but was also overwhelmed with the tasks of growing and building the project to gain traction.

I had 3 main goals for this independent study:

  1. Increase website traction
  2. Expand testing location database
  3. Boost social media engagement
Week 1 image- Independent Study Plan

Week 2 | Outreach + Database

Like Google Maps, I made the URL change based on the user’s search query. Additionally, I updated the COVID testing database to include more available locations users could register at.

I began sending emails to San Mateo and Yolo County officials to inform them of my website in hopes of partnering and publicizing.

Initially, I had intended to conduct user testing to get feedback on the current website, but realized that gaining traction was more important for the growth and development on the website.

Week 1 image- Independent Study Plan

Week 3 | Email Outreach + Social Media

Slower than before, I continued to update the COVID location database and continue my outreach, I continued emailing and sending countless LinkedIn invitations from COVID testing organizations such as Verily- Project Baseline, CVS Health, LHI, and Rite Aid.

To gain the attention of people outside of my circle, I posted on LinkedIn and Facebook groups sharing the website and asking for connections in COVID-19 testing organizations

LinkedIn Post

Week 4 | Newspaper Interview

Reflecting back on this quarter, Week 4 is when Find My COVID Test truly grew and the traction began to grow.

The excitement begins as Jeffrey Day, a content strategist and writer for the College of Letters and Science, interviewed me and wrote an article about Find My COVID Test This helped gain the attention of more students on campus and continued to help publicize the website.

Lastly, I entered the 2021 CORE77 Design Awards competition.

UCD article

Week 5 | Verily + Curative CEO Connections

Like the weeks before, I continued to reach out to employees at testing organizations. Excitingly, I connected with the founders of Verily and Curative on LinkedIn.

Continuing to see how the power of social media could help promote Find My COVID Test, I directly reached out to San Mateo County to see if they'd want to partner on Twitter.

Additionally, I reached out to UC Davis’s Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD) senate members about who at UC Davis would be good to contact about promoting and getting the attention of the Chancellor.

Email to Kyle

Week 6 | Newspaper Interview + News Reporter Demo

The following week, I would soon get a response from ASUCD and received word that they would like to promote Find My COVID Test.

I was also interviewed by the California Aggie, a weekly newspaper distributed in the Davis, California area led by UC Davis students. The article will be coming out soon in Spring Quarter.

Something I’ve gotten more comfortable doing is reaching out for help and putting myself out there. I reached out to Product Designer, Maxim Leyzerovich and met via Zoom about tips and advice for reaching out/ promoting a product from the ground up.

Lastly, upon walking in San Francisco, I spotted local news reporter, Amber Lee and seized the opportunity and showed her Find My COVID Test, demoing the website in hopes she would do a segment on my project.

California Aggie

Week 7 | Meeting Others

A slower week than normal, I continued to reach out to people on LInkedIn and email and update the testing map.

I met with Catherine Yeo, a student who made COVID Vaccines Info Guide, a COVID Vaccine website that informs users on the current COVID Vaccine Phase in their state. It was my first time meeting someone else who had created a COVID related application, but was wonderful to meet and learn more about her project.

Contact List

Week 8 | Meeting the Class President

I met with ACUSD President, Kyle Kruger who will be helping me promote Find My COVID Test to the students at UC Davis!

Additionally, I reached out to Healthy Davis Together, Davis’s local COVID testing organization.

The 100+ LinkedIn invites I sent to various employees at testing organizations paid off. I received a response from Jennifer B., an employee at Verily who sent it out to her coworkers.

As I continued to wait for a response from other LinkedIn members I had reached out to, I followed up with people who accepted my invitations in hopes that I could schedule a meeting and get insight to the COVID testing locations of their organization/ work together.

Jen's Message

Week 9 | Project Baseline, Healthy Davis Together, and Curative

Monday, March 1, 2021, I received an email from Casimir S., the Head of Verily’s Project Baseline with a JSON file providing all 1200+ Verily testing locations in the United States. I have now added all of the West Coast locations Project Baseline operates.

I decided to look back at the US Government’s ARCGIS Database of COVID testing locations in the United States and added 1,000 new COVID testing locations from Walgreens, CVS, AltaMed, Quest Diagnostics, Carbon Health, and Rite Aid.

During my weekly COVID test at UC Davis, I presented and demoed Find My COVID Test to the Healthy Davis Together team in hopes of working together.

I created a TikTok that created a huge boost in page views of Find My COVID Test.

Excitingly, I got in contact with the CEO of Curative and am currently working with them to get a full list of COVID testing locations they operate.

Lastly, I onboarded my friend Joli Chien, who is volunteering to help make graphics for the social media accounts.


I created a free website that makes finding a COVID-19 test easier in California #fyp #covid #health #foryou #explore #california #sanfrancisco #sf

♬ sonido original - m a y i t a

Week 10 | Final Stretch

In the last week of my independent study, I met with Vinal Chand, Associate Vice President External Communications of ASUCD who will be helping me promote Find My COVID Test when we return from Spring Break.

Additionally, I’ve been in contact with Dr. Schorzman, Medical Director at UC Davis.

Finally, I’ve spent most of my time working on this website to present the work I've done this independent study.

Week 10 image


The last 10 weeks have been a crazy journey. It's allowed me to learn and grow more than I could have ever imagined. This was truly an experience I don't think I could have had elsewhere.

One of the biggest challenges I had creating Find My COVID Test was finding a reliable way of finding testing centers. 10 weeks later, I'm now working with 2 of the biggest COVID-19 testing organizations in the United States. It's unbelievable how far I've come and I'm so happy about the progress I've made.

Additionally, I've been able to gain more traction on my website and learn new ways of promotion through social media outreach and how to professionally connect with people.

Thank you

A massive thank you to Professor Tom Maiorana for being my advisor during this independent study and for all the support and advice you've given me.

Map of Find My COVID Test