It's been a dream of mine to collaborate with musicians and create unique visual experiences together. This is a collection of design projects that I’ve made to one day turn this dream into a reality.

Animated Laufey's upcoming Bewitched: The Goddess Tour poster.

I created an interactive prototype of an additional feature to be added to Aminé's merch website that could increase user engagement as he promotes his recent shoe collaboration with New Balance.

3D modeled and printed a sculpture of Madeon on his lift used in his Good Faith Forever live show and had the opportunity to gift it to him. He also featured it on his Instagram story!

Animated Madeon's Good Faith Forever tour website.

Animated Album Covers

Inspired by the animated album covers on Apple music, I brought some of my favorite album covers to life.

Juliet Ivy's, Playpen

Madeon's, Adventure in sync to the end of "Isometric"

Louis the Child's, Here for Now

Frank Ocean's, Blonde

Laufey's, Everything I Know About Love

Minimalistic Album Cover Stickers and Pins

A collection of Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean stickers and pins that I've made.